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Blood Lancet

Blood Lancet

Disposable Sterile Auto Retractable Safety Blood Lancet Pressure Activated

Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand Name: EasyThru
Certification:  CE  ISO13485
Model Number: Safety Blood Lancet
Usage: Quick Blood Sampling For Testing
Needle: Sharp Needle, Reduce Pain
Type:  Pressure Activate
Packaging Details: 100 pcs/ box, 2000 pcs/ ctn

Category: Blood Lancet

    Disposable Sterile Auto Retractable Safety Blood Lancet Pressure Activated


    Blood Lancet is used for blood sampling collection from finger or infant toe. Safety design, sharp needle auto retractable after use, ensured needle one time use, and protect nurse hurt by sharp needle, avoid infection.


    Safety blood lancets are made from sharp stainless steel needle, plastic shell, spring. Easy use in hospital or at home for glucose testing.


    Size Specification:

    Size Depth Color Code Package
    21G 2.4mm Red

    100 pcs/ box,

    20 box / CTN

    23G 2.4mm Green
    26G 1.8mm or 2.4mm Yellow
    28G 1.8mm or 2.4mm Pink




    1. Maximum protection
      Unique single-use design, needle is fully shielded before and after use. Thus minimizing the risk of needle stick injury and cross contamination between different people. It cannot be reloaded or reused and retracts automatically and locks out for extra safety, protecting patient and health professionals from needle stick injuries

    2. Sterile: Gamma irradiation, needle protected by safety cap, Built-in needle protection system.
      3. Minimal tissue damage: Linear needle tracking to eliminate needle vibrations,a release button that remains depressed after use to ensure one-time operation.
      4. Tri-bevel sharp needle, nearly painless.

    3. High-speed delivery and penetration method minimizes patient pain and clinician error.

    4. Adequate blood sample guarantees accurate distance between the finger and the device during skin penetration as the pressure applied to the puncture site is predetermined. This assures ultimate penetration depth control and an adequate blood sample size.

    5. Easy handling - easy to use button operated design, only 2 step operation, requires minimal training for new users


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