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Why insulin pen needles could not reusable for the same person ?

Time:2021-03-04 Views:2658
Why insulin pen needles could not reusable for the same person ?
Your doctor and pen needle using instruction always state “ single use only”,  some diabetic end user may confused: Needle looks good after use, and it is only use for myself, why could not use again for the same person ?
The reasons I want to share you:
1: Pen needles are very thin and small, reusing may cause needle break in body. The needle pieces are easy to move inside body, it will be complex to take the little needle from your body.
2: In order to reduce injection pain, all needles are silicone coated. If needle reused, silicone coating may be damaged, and user will feel pain. The needle without silicone coating is easy to bend.
3. Insulin crystals will remain in the used needle, which will block the needle after repeated use and affect the insulin flow during next injection.


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