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The world‘s most influential international medical professional exhibition

Time:2021-05-12 Views:1584
The world‘s most influential international medical professional exhibition
YiLi CMEF 2021
China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) is a professional medical equipment exhibition that brings together domestic and foreign medical equipment brands to establish contacts with authorized medical equipment distributors, agents, manufacturers, doctors, regulatory agencies and government agencies worldwide .
Demonstrate innovative products and solutions in new global markets, establish partnerships with local and overseas distributors, conduct manufacturing cooperation in Southeast Asia and the world, and learn how to deal with the complexity of regulated markets and build your network through our network CMEF‘s face-to-face online/offline meeting concierge service.
This year CMEF has set up a special anti-epidemic exhibition area to showcase China‘s best anti-epidemic products and opened live broadcast. Share the best products to the world.


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