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What is your company business and products?

Time:2021-05-04 Views:572
Since 2012, we are a professional manufacturer of medical disposable products.

Our work and services:
1) Produce disposable medical products such as urology, anesthesiology, respiratory, and diabetes.
2) LSR (liquid silicone rubber) or PVC polymer plastic products are produced through OEM/ODM terms to meet the needs of medical consumables in various departments of the hospital.
3) Provide manufacturing solutions for medical disposable products, and export all necessary machines, equipment and materials; and provide after-sales technical support.
4) We provide door-to-door service, you don‘t have to worry about whether your order is big or small, as long as you cooperate, you are our VIP or senior VIP.
5) Key points: We have a professional national-level registration and bidding team to fully cooperate to complete your bidding or registration behavior in the local country. Please rest assured, we have many years of experience.


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