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Feeding tube

Feeding tube

Long Term Polyurethane ( PU ) Nasogastric Enteral Feeding Tubes Surgical disposalbe

Place of Origin:  Made in China
Brand Name:  EasyThru
Certification:   ISO, CE
Material:  Polyurethane, PU, TPU
Model Number:  Fr6, Fr8, Fr10, Fr12, Fr14, Fr16, Fr18, Fr20 

Minimum Order Quantity:  100 pcs
Packaging Details:  Tyvek blister paper individually, 10 PCS per inner box, 100 pcs per carton 50*40*20cm
Delivery Time:   15-35 days
Supply Ability:  500000 pcs/ month

Category: Feeding tube

    Long Term Polyurethane ( PU ) Nasogastric Enteral Feeding Tubes with Stylet


    Usage: Nasogastric Enteral feeding tube is designed to lead nutritional solutions to patient’s stomach or intestine through nose. The smooth end tip design, with precision drilled side holes enhances fluid and decreases potential feeding stagnation and mucosal irritation. PU feeding tubes provide a solution of nutrition feeding for the patients who could not swallow, or in ICU patients who are critically ill while their medical conditions are addressed.


    Other use: Pet Feeding, Animal Feeding tube


    Features and advantages:

    1. Radiopaque Stripe through the tube, visible tube position
    2.  Made from polyurethane, good bio-compatibility, up to 30 days indwelling time
    3. Multifuction connector
    4.  Round smooth tip and side holes reduce stimulation
    5. Stylet inside help tube insertion easily
    6.  CE & ISO certificated




    Style Tube Size(Fr) Tube length(CM)
    EFT084G Fr6 (O.D.:2.0± 0.1mm, I.D.:1.1±0.1mm 80
    EFT084G Fr08 (O.D.:2.7± 0.1mm, I.D.:1.7±0.1mm) 80
    EFT104G Fr10 (O.D.:3.3± 0.1mm, I.D.:2.3±0.1mm) 120 / 130
    EFT124G Fr12 (O.D.: 4.0± 0.1mm, I.D.:3.0±0.1mm) 120 / 130
    EFT144G Fr14 (O.D.:4.7± 0.1mm, I.D.:3.5±0.1mm) 120 / 130
    EFT164G Fr16 (O.D.: 5.3± 0.1mm, I.D.:3.9±0.1mm) 120 / 130
    EFT184G Fr16 (O.D.: 6.0± 0.1mm, I.D.:4.4±0.1mm) 120/ 130

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