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Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments

Sterilized Umbilical Cord Clamps Disposable Surgical Products

Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand Name: EasyThru
Certification: CE  ISO13485
Model Number:Umbilical Cord Clamping
Size: Common Use Size
Material: PP
Color: White, Blue, Pink
Packaging Details: PE or Blister Packaging
Category: Surgical instruments

    Disposable Umbilical Cord Clamp

    Usage: Umbilical cord clamping is used to hold the newborn’s umbilical cord within a few minutes after infant born . Cord clamping helps to stop bleeding of the three cord vessels ( two arteries and a vein ). Usually, Clamp falls off on it’s own when the umbilical cord is dried and healed in 3-7 days.


    Type: Single button or Double button

    Material: PP

    Size: 52* 9mm

    Color: Blue, white, Pink

    Packaging: PE or Blister individually, Customer design available



    • Adequate size, non-slip, disposable, sterile and nontoxic.
    • Double - locking prevents accidental opening
    • Smooth surface without scratching baby’s skin
    • Easy handling for proper cord clamping
    • E.O. gas sterilization, single use only

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