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Blood Lancet

Blood Lancet

Diabetics’ lancing device Twist Blood Lancets for Quick Blood Sampling Less Painful

Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand Name: EasyThru
Certification:  CE  ISO13485
Model Number:  21G, 23G, 26G, 28G, 30G
Usage: Blood Sampling From Finger Or Toe
Needle: Stainless Steel, 3 Level , Nearly Painless

Category: Blood Lancet

    Diabetics lancing device Twist blood Lancets for quick blood glucose sampling


    What is blood lancet ?


    A blood lancets are used to make punctures, such as fingerstick, to obtain small blood specimens.

    Lancets are also used to prick the skin in skin testing for allergies.  


    Specification of blood lancets:


    Blood Lancets Product No. Needle size Package

    Diabetics’ lancing device Twist Blood Lancets for Quick Blood Sampling Less Painful

    • Twist off cap
    • Fit for lancet devices
    • Sterilized by Gamma-ray
    BL-30 30G*3mm 100 pcs/ box
    BL-28 28G*3mm 100 pcs/ box
    BL-26 26G*3mm 100 pcs/ box
    BL-23 23G*3mm 100 pcs/ box
    BL-21 21G*3mm 100 pcs/ box


    Why to choose us ?


    1. Safety and comfortable


    • All lancets are sterilized by gamma irradiation, Traditional sterilization method is E.O. gas ( Ethylene Oxide). So you do not need to worry about residues of E.O. harmful to your health.
    • Tri-level ground cannula keep good blood flow
    • Nearly painless

    2. Solution for all Different sizes meet needs of all diabetics


    Fit for almost all lancet devices

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