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Laryngeal mask

Laryngeal mask

EasyThru Reusable & Reinforced Silicone Laryngeal airway Mask Size 1.0#-5.0#

Place of Origin: Nanchang, Jiangxi
Brand Name: EasyThru or OEM
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: 1.0#-5.0#

Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone
Packing: Sterilized Individual Packing
Sterile: E.O
Category: Laryngeal mask

    Reusable Silicone Laryngeal Mask Airway size 1.0#,1.5#,2.0#,2.5#,3.0#,3.5#,4.0#,5.0#



    1. Short term use during surgery;

    2. Easier operation and time saving than endotracheal tube during intubation;

    3. Be used when endotrcheal tube can‘t be inserted because of many situations;

    4. Provides airway for spontaneous or controlled ventilation;

    5. Tolerated at lighter anesthetic planes;

    6. Can be sterilized by heat for reusing;

    7. CE, ISO 13485 Certificate awarded.



    Item No. Size Patient weight(KGS) Maximum inflation volume(ML)
    ET1010 1.0# 0-5 4
    ET1015 1.5# 5-10 7
    ET1020 2.0# 10-20 10
    ET1025 2.5# 20-30 14
    ET1030 3.0# 30-50 20
    ET1040 4.0# 50-70 32
    ET1050 5.0# 70-100 42


    EasyThru Reusable & Reinforced Silicone Laryngeal airway Mask Size 1.0#-5.0#

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