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Suction Catheter

Suction Catheter

Multifunction 25ml Sputum Collection Container Mucus Sampling Cup

Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand name: EasyThru or OEM
Medical Grade PVC, PP
Size:          25ml, 40ml
Usage:      Spucum Collection Cup , Specimen Container
Sterilization: E.O. Gas, Single Use Only
ComponetsTwo Screw Caps, Two Catheter, Cup
Category: Suction Catheter

    Multifunction 25ml Collection Container Mucus Sampling Cup


    Sputum Collection Cup a container is for aspiration of secretion from oropharynx , used to collect Sputum extraed by suction machine for patients who are unable to cough out sputum. This specimen cup also used as sputum sampling cup, which is widely used in ICU.


    Two screw caps design, after sputum extraction, screw off the top cap, then covered the cup by the bottom clean cap instead.


    Various size for option: 20ml, 25ml, 40ml




    1. Made of medical grade PVC

    2. Suitable for obtaining mucus specimen for microbiological examination

    3. Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC tubing

    4. One catheter connect to suction catheter, the other connect to suction device

    5. Clear transparent container permits visual examination of aspirate

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