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Suction Catheter

Suction Catheter

Disposable Medical latex suction catheter

Model NO. FR6.FR8.Fr10.Fr12.Fr14.Fr16.Fr18.Fr20.Fr22.Fr24
Transport Package: Blister or PE Bag Per Piece
Material: Latex
Term of validity:5 year

Category: Suction Catheter

    This product has excellent resilience of latex and rubber, minimizes the inconvenience of patient after catheter insertion, and is designed to be easy to use by practitioners.

    It is used to remove foreign substances in the sputum and body cavity in the patient‘s airway. The suctionhole is made with Twohole type, fully suck up the sputum.
    Tube size is produced with international standard, so it is easy to make accurate medical treatment. It is a disposable medical consumable and sterilized with E.O (ethylene oxide) gas.
    CE certificated.
    Accept OEM.
    Material Made of latex & rubber
    Types Funnel type, pipe type, straight type , With Finger Tip Control, With Thumb Control
    Size  F5, F6, F8, F10, F12, F14
    Packing Supplied sterile.

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