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Disposable infusion set

Disposable infusion set

Medical safety pediatric burette infusion set disposable for single use 100ml / 150ml supplier

Place of Origin: Nanchang, Jiangxi
Brand Name: EasyThru or OEM
Certification:  CE  ISO13485
Model Number:  100ml / 150ml

Y Injection Port: With Or Without
Injection Bulb: Latex Or Latex-free
Connection Port: Luer Slip Or Luer Lock
Shelf Time: 5 Years
Category: Disposable infusion set

    Disposable Burette type Infusion Set have the properties: Easy-holding and easy puncturing spike; transparent and flexible tube against winding and twisting; nice regulator which can make the flow rate change from minimum to maximum.


    This device is useful for giving saline to the infants or heart patient.



    Product Feature:


    1) 100ml or 150ml graduated burette with shut-off valve

    2) 60 drops=1±0.1ml

    3) Flexible drip chamber with filter

    4) Slip or lock adapter with protective cap

    5) Latex or Latex-free injection site

    6) ABS Spike,air vented with cap,drip chamber with filter, with Y injection site,luer lock connector, tubing 1.5m/1.8m

    7) Medical grade PVC tube,NON-DEHP PVC available

    8) Burette made by medical TPE


    Optional for customer requirement:

    1. With or without air vented spike;

    2. With or without Y injection port

    4. Luer slip or luer lock

    6. with or without backeye

    7. 21-25G needle


    Packing Information:

    Size Primary Pack QTY/CTN CTN Size
    100ml PE 100 67*38*33cm
    Blister 100 56*42*38cm
    150ml PE 100 67*38*33cm
    Blister 100 56*42*38cm


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