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Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments

French Spainish US Vaginal Speculum Vigina Examination Tool Disposable Surgical

Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand Name: EasyThru
Certification: CE  ISO13485
Model Number: S  M  L  XL
Type: French Type, Spanish Type, US Type
Model: Lateral Screw Type, Push, Fasten, Middle Screw
Material: Medical Grade Plastic
Packaging Details: PE or Blister Packaging
Category: Surgical instruments

    Sterilized Vaginal Speculum for Vigina Examination Disposable Surgical Device


    Vaginal Speculum is an examination tool, used for checking and treatment of gynecology disease in hospital or clinic. The speculum is inserted into women vagina to dilate it for examination of the vagina and cervix. It allow direct view of vagina around.


    How to use ?

    1. Choose suitable size for the patient

    2. Check packaging and EXP date before using.

    3. Ware examination glove before touch the speculum

    4. Push the " duckbill " of speculum that is closed into the vaginal slowly
    5. Open the "duckbill " of speculum according to body demand

    6. Lock the Vaginal speculum while it is in right position

    7. Unlock the speculum when examination finished, and take it off from perineum 

    Product Description:


    1. Item Name: vaginal speculum, vaginal specula, vaginal dilator etc.


    2. Types:

    Lateral screw type: often used in Europe, Southeast Asia and some Africa countries and so on.

    Push type: often used in USA, Canada and Latin America and so on.

    Middle screw type: often used in middle-east, UK, Italy and so on.

    Fastener type: often used in France, Poland and so on.


    3. Sizes: Large, Medium, Small ( In compliance with international standard )


    4. Material: polystyrene ( short for :PS )


    5. Packing: 1 pc/bag, 100 bags/carton. polyethylene bag (PE bag), polypropylene bag (PP bag),and paper-plastic bag.


    6. Function: They are widely used for vaginal examination and treatment.


    7. The speculum is for single use only and must be destroyed after use .Reuse is prohibited.


    8. Sterilization: By EO gas. Nontoxic

    vaginal speculum

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