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Closed suction catheter

Closed suction catheter

Atomization Style Closed Suction Catheter 72h

Material:   PU Sleeve, PVC Suction Catheter
Size:          Fr8, Fr10, Fr12, Fr14, Fr16
Usage:      ICU For Sputum Suction
Sterilization: E.O. Gas, Single Use Only
Type:         72 Hours Atomization Style
Shelf Time: 5 Years
Certificates: CE ISO13485
Category: Closed suction catheter
    EasyThru®  Atomization Style Closed Suction Catheter  24 hours / 72 hours 

    Product name: closed suction catheter System
    Type: 24H/72H
    Product size range: FR8, Fr10, Fr12, Fr14, Fr16

    Packaging: Blister individually, 100pcs/ carton
    Port: Shanghai or Guangzhou

    This design enables the sputum of mechanical ventilation patients to be safely pumped out through clear airway secretions, while maintaining ventilation and patient‘s blood oxygen saturation throughout the sputum suction process.
    In the process of nursing sputum suction, patients can conduct atomization operation while ensuring oxygen inhalation. Ensure safety first.
    The atomized closed sputum suction tube is an easy to use sputum suction tube for severe patients, which can prevent cross infection.

    Main product structures:
    The main parts include T-piece Endotracheal(or Tracheostomy), Swivel Adaper(may be used between the endo/trach tube), Flex catheter mount, PU Sleeve cover, PVC Suction Catheter, Flushing irrigation port, Medicine Injection port, Thumb control valve, Suction Tube Connector and so on.

    What is EasyThru Closed Suction System ?

    The Closed Suction System is intended for removal of secretion in the lower respiratory track in patients receiving prolonged mechanical ventilation. The filter protected system is connected to the artificial airway of the patient ( Endotracheal or Tracheostomy tube) and to the ventilation circuit. It is used over a period of 24 hours,72 hours ( depending on the patient requirement ).

    1. Select appropriate size catheter.
    2. Attach thumb control valve to suction tubing.
    3. Depress and hold thumb valve and simultaneously adjust vacuum regulator to desired level.a
    4. Release thumb control valve and attach catheter between patient and the ventilator circuit.
    5. Connect patient end connector with ET Tube ( Or Tracheotomy tube), Connect ventilator end connector with Breathing tube Catheter mount for breathing. Connect negative pressure end connector with Suction line.


     Colour Size Products‘ Specification & Description Tube OD   Length of Tube Product Code
    Black Adult/72H/Endotracheal Push Switch & Luer Lock Type Tracheostomy, Flex Tube 10Fr (3.35mm) 600mm YL-721060
    White Adult/72H/Endotracheal Push Switch & Luer Lock Type Tracheostomy, Flex Tube 12Fr (4.05mm)  600mm YL-721260
    Green Adult/72H/Endotracheal Push Switch & Luer Lock Type Tracheostomy, Flex Tube 14Fr (4.75mm) 600mm YL-721460
    orange Adult/72H/Endotracheal Push Switch & Luer Lock Type Tracheostomy, Flex Tube 16Fr (5.45mm) 600mm YL-721660

    Product characteristics and structure:

    1.Continuous Breathing

     Simultaneous ventilation

    2.Soft Blue Suction Tip
    This design reduces damage to the patient while suctioning.
    After returning the catheter, the tip of the tube is easier for irrigational cleaning.

    3.Double rotary joint or push-pull switch
    15mm double rotary joint 

    4.Disconnecting Wedge
    Designed to equip the wedge with both disconnecting and clipping functions

    5.For Endotracheal Tube and Tracheostomy Tube
    Designed for endotracheal and tracheostomy tube using
    Tubes with different length are available

    6.Prevent Cross Infection
    Designed with a protective sleeve to isolate the bacteria inside and help caregivers avoid cross-infection.

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