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Closed suction catheter

Closed suction catheter

Medical L Style Closed suction catheter 72h

Material:   PU Sleeve, PVC Suction Catheter, Soft head
Size:          Fr6, Fr8, Fr10, Fr12, Fr14, Fr16
Usage:      ICU For Sputum Suction
Sterilization: E.O. Gas, Single Use Only
Type:         L Style 72 Hours / Push-pull valve / For adults and children
Shelf Time: 5 Years
Certificates: CE ISO13485, FDA
Category: Closed suction catheter
    Instructions for Use

    EasyThru® Closed Suction Catheters-72 Hours(L Style)

    Product model:Child type (6Fr, 8Fr) and Adult type (10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr)

    Product performance:
    - The product is made of high quality medical PVC.
    - Soft Blue tip design for adult type reduces irritation and damage to the tracheal mucosa.
    - The product uses several closed designs and additional cleaning function. It can effectively avoid the risk of caregiver being infected by the air exhaled
      by the patient during the treatment process.
    - In clinical use, the flushing port with a one-way valve design to prevent liquid reflux after flushing.
    - This design makes the Closed Suction Catheter tube more convenient, safety and easier to operate by caregiver.
    - The black indicator line indicates the position of the withdrawal suction tube to avoid the ETT airway block.
    - Closed Suction Catheter should be free of sensitization and mucosal irritation, the Cytotoxicity is not more than level 2. The products will sterilization by EO.

    Main product structures:
    The main parts include Y-piece Double Swivel Elbow Connector, Transfer connector, Flex catheter mount, double-position Push Switch, PU Sleeve cover, PVC
    Suction Catheter, Flushing irrigation port, Medicine Injection port, Negative pressure thumb control valve, Suction Tube Connector and so on.

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